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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Me But Were Afraid to Ask!

Me in green

My name is Ronnie J Rigdon and I have always had an interest in languages. So, it only seemed natural to turn that enthusiasm into a career.


The Ohio State University

Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics

Graduated June 2011

The lingustics courses at the Ohio State University has given me a keen understanding of the fundamental mechanics of language in general and their role in communication. This includes semantics, syntax and the ties between language and culture.

University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology

Graduated June 2000

I received a BA from the University of Cincinnati in anthropology, which has made me aware of the diversity of cultures in this world, even among speakers of the same language. I also took classes in archaeology, geography and political science as well as additional language courses.

For more on my experience and background, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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